TowelWarmr is the #1 directory and information resource about Towel warmers. I am Thomas started this site to Share my views about the best towel warmers available in the market. I own a Salon & Spa, when i thought to buy a Towel warmer for my Spa, i searched online for various good towel warmers, but ended up buying a crappy one, so i decided to start a website dedicated to reviewing various Towel warmers and help other Salon/spa/Home owners to choose a good towel warmer, and the end result is this website.

What’s With The Misspelling of TowelWarmr?

I wanted to have a short name that can be easily identified with Towel Warmer. Towelwarmer.com was taken. towelwarmers.com was taken. TowelWarmr.com (without the ‘e’) was available to register and I thought it looked Kinda trendy, I guess. I mean flickr.com did the same thing with their domain name and it worked out for them.

How to contact

You can contact me through my websites contact form or mail to me at my id contact@towelwarmr.com

I will reply back to you within 24-48 hours.

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