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best amba towel warmer

So you step out after a warm shower and are immediately faced with the challenge of a damp cold towel. This is a scenario that we hope you never have to experience. And to fortify our hope, we bring to you some towel warmers from one of the most trusted and best manufacturers of towel warmers in the world today. A brand that has almost become synonymous to towel warmers, Amba has single handedly brought the luxury of towel warmers into homes. With over 2000 retailers spread across the world, Amba is clearly a leader in the towel warmer domain. Now that Amba is already introduced, here’s a list of some of the best products that they have to offer as off 2019.

Top 5 Best Amba towel racks in 2019

ProductTypeNo.of BarsPrice
Amba RWH-SPWall Mounted10 Bars Check Price
Amba SAFSB-33Free Standing10 Bars Check Price
Amba RWH-CBWall Mounted10 Bars Check Price
Amba S 2133 BWall Mounted12 Bars Check Price
Amba E 2130 BWall Mounted- Check Price

1. Amba RWH-SP

Amba rwh-sp towel warmerThe first product from Amba to feature on this list is the Amba RWH-SP. This one is a highly functional, 10 rung towel warmer rack that will suit any bathroom. With a body made of stainless steel, this sturdy product is sure to last you for years together. It weighs just over 11 pounds and is worth every pound. The electric supply needs to be hardwired making this a onetime installation. Enjoy the warmth of a toasty towel after each bath. Its internal temperature control will ensure your towels are just warm and comfortable. The spacious wall mounted design allows you to warm multiple clothes at once. This product guarantees warm towels without occupying a large real estate in your bathroom.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Internal temperature control

  • Can only be wall mounted

2. Amba SAFSB-33

Amba SAFSB-33- Best Amba towel warmerNow if you fancy a towel warmer that can be portable and yet perform efficiently, the Amba SAFSB-33 is the perfect product for you. This is a free standing towel warmer, with spacious rungs. 10 huge rungs allow you to dry or warm sufficient towels for the entire family. The body is made of stainless steel with a classy polished finish which is sure to suit any décor. With stainless steel you can also be certain of a long corrosion free performance. If you are worried about the warmer reaching gravely high temperatures and harming the user, stay rest assured that no such thing will ever happen. The automatic On/Off control will ensure that the temperature doesn’t exceed beyond the limit.

  • Programmable timer feature
  • Heats up quickly
  • Multiple rails

  • Consumes space because of stand design

3. Amba RWH-CB

Amba rwh-cb towel warmerThe next Amba product on this list is the Amba RWH-CB. This curvy beauty is a must have in your bathroom if you wish to elevate the oomph factor of your bathroom. The signature 10 rung structure is one that is both functional and spacious. An optimum temperature of 149 Fahrenheit guarantees toasty warm towels in any season of the year at any time of the day. The quality of the build itself is yet another thing that you need not doubt. 304 grade stainless steel which we all know is a better performer than 201 grade stainless steel, adds to this towel warmer the strength that a heavy duty towel warmer demands. The brushed finish makes it an elegant yet statement choice for your bathroom.

  • Made of grade 304 stainless steel
  • 10 rung curved design to hold more clothes
  • Inbuilt temperature control

  • Not the fastest to warm up
  • Heavy

4. Amba S 2133 B

Amba S 2133 B-Best amba towel warmerSpeaking of elegance, if you are looking for a multipurpose product that can heat the room as well as perform as a towel warmer, all while adding a factor of elegance to your living or bathroom space, the Amba S 2133 B should be your choice. A sturdy 12 rung design that can practically hold towels, lingerie and baby clothes for an entire family, this product is perfect for serious warming up. It offers a temperature of 131 – 167 Fahrenheit. The auto On/Off switch ensures that the temperature is maintained and an indicator is provided to indicate the status. The design is a simple yet effective one with a silver finished stainless steel structure. This one can clearly take the weight of damp towels and more.

  • Auto on/off switch
  • Spacious 12 rung design
  • Can be used for heating room

  • Extra care needs to be taken because of its higher temperature range

5. Amba E 2130 B

Amba E 2130 B-Best amba towel warmerThe last to feature on this list is also probably the best of the Amba towel warmers. Yet another multipurpose product, this towel warmer also doubles up as a space heater. What more, the chic design of this product makes it look like a device meant for a luxurious hotel and spa bathrooms. The surface area in contact with the clothes to be warmed is pretty large with this one, making it the most effective towel warmer so far. The feature that stands out is the 24/7 programmable switch with a thermostat that will maintain the temperature. The brushed finish stainless steel gives it a very science fiction-like look. This edgy piece is certainly a smart investment to elevate your bathroom experience.

  • Programmable timer
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Also functions as space heater

  • Temperature is slightly higher so  caution must be taken


Before winding up, we would also like to talk about the energy efficiency that Amba products have to offer. Their inbuilt switch feature ensures that energy wastage is taken care of. In addition to the promise of a great product, Amba also provides a warranty and excellent customer service. To conclude, there are a few things like material quality, functionality, safety and maintenance, and of course aesthetics that one needs to consider while investing in a towel warmer. We hope our list has got you covered with everything you need to know about Amba towel warmers.

best amba towel warmer
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