Best Towel Warmers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Don’t we all love the warm and toasty towels that we are handed after a relaxing massage at the spa or a long shower in a luxurious hotel? Now you can bring the luxury of a spa or even a high end hotel into your home. An investment that is certainly worth the money, towel warmers are the perfect accessory to add to any bathroom to instantly lift the bathing and toweling experience. What’s more, a lot of these towel warmers double up as fabric warmers for your sheets, clothes and also therapy stones. So the towel warmer is not just lavish equipments limited to the hotels and spas. These days, thanks to some reliable brands who have ventured into the manufacturing of towel warmers, they have become accessible to everyone’s houses. And there’s an option for everyone.

Top 7 Best Towel warmers in 2019

Now that you’ve probably decided to add this piece of comfort to your house, let’s dive right into the best towel warmers that the internet has to offer. Here we have 7 of the best towel warmers from different categories, suitable for all requirements.

ProductTypeNo.of barsPrice
Amba RWH-CBWall Mounted10 bars Check Price
LCM Home FashionFree Standing6 bars Check Price
Hromee Towel WarmerWall Mounted10 bars Check Price
BrookstoneBucket- Check Price
Elite Hot Towel CABICabinet- Check Price
WarmlyYours RivieraWall Mounted9 bars Check Price
Warmrails HCC ClassicWall Mounted / Floor Standing4 bars Check Price

1. Amba RWH-CB

Best towel warmer - amba rwh-cbThe first on our list is the Amba RWH-CB, from the brand Amba. If you have researched towel warmers well enough, you’ll probably know that Amba is a brand that you simply can’t go wrong with. Their promise of 304 grade stainless steel is one of corrosion free, long lasting, highly conductive, good quality steel that will last you for years. This product in particular is a wall mounted 10 rail design which is ideal for warming up multiple clothes or towels simultaneously. With a programmable timer and wall mounted supply option, you can simply fit it once for all and enjoy its benefits. The maximum temperature that it reaches is 149 degree Fahrenheit which is just right to keep the fabrics toasty. At a power consumption of about 150watts, you need not worry of hefty bills after installation. The brushed steel finish will easily blend into and enhance the look of any bathroom without looking too bold. This 10 pound wall mounted towel warmer heats up both along its vertical and horizontal rails giving you optimum radiant heating even in the coldest of environments.

  • Built-in on/off switch for optimum efficiency
  • Warms up quickly
  • Sleek Design
  • Maximum temperature is not very high

2. LCM Home Fashion

Best towel rack -Lcm home fashionIf you are on a crunch for space and need a more portable option, a free standing towel warmer is just the solution for all your space saving problems. The LCM home fashion free standing towel warmer is a aluminum framed towel warmer with 6 spacious and sturdy rails that can withstand the weight of multiple clothes without causing inconvenience to the user. It can be easily moved around and the long connecting cord allows you to plug it into the nearest available socket. At just over 8 pounds, this product also comes with wall mounting brackets, in case you have a fixed location on the wall for it. The temperature reaches about 122 degree Fahrenheit which is not bad. The frame itself comes with a chrome finish adding a little something to the look of your bathroom.

  • Super fast warming
  • Can also be wall mounted
  • Extremely light weight
  • Only 6 Bars

3. Hromee Towel Warmer

Best towel warmer -HromeeYet another wall mounted towel warmer, the Hromee towel warmer is the next on our list. With a weight of about 8 pounds, you know that this one will be easy on the walls and easy on the bills. The power consumption is as low as 100 watts with this one. It has a 10 rail chic design that will gracefully blend into any décor with ease. The multiple rails also allow you to make optimum use of the heat. With a temperature controlled by an inbuilt thermostat, you can rest assure that it is safe and technically sound. Its 201 grade stainless steel body makes it quite sturdy and corrosion free. The design and quality also ensures very little maintenance. The entire frame and rails heat up quickly so you are guaranteed warm toasty towels every time after your bath. Its optimum temperature is also suitable for drying different types of fabrics. The clearance between the wall and the frame and the rails themselves is very thoughtfully designed for maximum efficiency. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty which is great in our opinion.

  • Low power consumption
  • 10 Bar spacious design
  • Built in temperature control
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Optimum temperature is not very high

4. Brookstone Towel warmer

Best towel warmer -Brookstone towel warmerThe next on this list is a unique towel warmer from Brookstone. The design of this towel warmer resembles that of a simple bucket with a transparent lid. It is this simplistic design that makes it a favorite with its users. It is just big enough to fit two large sized towels. It can also be used to warm baby clothes, bathrobes, intimate clothes and sheets. The transparent lid lets you look at the contents. A special features ensures that the power is automatically shut off when the temperature within reaches 120 degree Fahrenheit. This makes sure that your delicate clothes are not baked to that uncomfortable, crispy level. The towel warmer is designed to reach the optimum temperature in just about 10 minutes. That we must tell you is one of the quickest in its category and on this list.

  • Aesthetically pleasing, elegant design
  • Self-timer offers 4 settings
  • Uniform heating of towels
  • Slightly on the expensive end, but worth every penny

5. Elite Hot Towel CABI

Best cabinet towel warmer -elte cabi plusIt would be unfair if we spoke about towel warmers and did not include this cabinet towel warmer from Elite. The only cabinet towel warmer to make it to this list, this product is indeed a work of great design and engineering. Built to hold upto 24 facial sized towels, this cabinet warmer can do multiple tasks. An internal separation allows you to stack different items in the compartments. It can accommodate towels, therapy stones and other clothes all at the same time. The inner wall is insulated with a special material to make sure that there is optimum utilization of heat generated. An in-built automatic controller ensures that a safe temperature is maintained within the cabinet at all times when it is on. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the comfort of a spa at home, we highly recommend you begin by adding the Elite hot towel cabinet into your bathroom. The cabinet style design also looks like a cool appliance to add to your house.

  • Drip pan to hold any water drops
  • Spacious enough
  • Cabinet separator
  • Takes time to warm up

6. WarmlyYours Riviera

Best towel warmer -warmly yoursAnother wall mounted towel warmer to make it to our list of bests is the Warmly Yours Riviera. The one of a kind 9 bar design of this towel warmer is a great combination of design and convenience. The curvature of the rails allows a little extra space on the warmer to comfortably fit towels and other clothes at the same time. Being a hard wired model, it is a one time, fit and forget kind of equipment. The maintenance on this one is almost equal to nil. A power rating of 150 watts is impressive for the performance it has. The installation is also one time and pretty easy. High quality stainless steel promises long life and durability. The outstanding feature however is the timer and scheduler feature. This feature allows you to schedule a start and stop when you wish. This is a rare feature for a product of this category. If this was not enough for you to be persuaded, this product comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer which is definitely hard to beat.

  • 2 year warranty
  • 9 rail curved design
  • Timer to reschedule heating
  • Heavy weight
  • Needs to be hardwired

7. Warmrails HCC Classic

Best towel warmer -warmrails hccThe last feature on this list is also certainly the most quirky looking towel warmer. Warmrails is a brand pretty well known for its reliable products, particularly in the towel warmers section. The HCC classic is no different. Filatherm technology is the secret behind the high performance of this product. The zig-zag design is certainly not just a towel warmer nut a conversation starter for your guest bathroom. Its chrome finish makes it all the more attractive. The lengthy power cord makes it easy to function as plug and play equipment with no assembly needed. However, the Warmrails HCC classic is designed for both wall mounted and free standing operations. The heating is quite quick, 130 degree Fahrenheit in just about 15 minutes, which is impressive. Being one of the lightest towel warmer in this category, the weight is just about 8 pounds. This ensures ease of portability.

  • Aesthetic appeal is high because of unique design
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used as free standing or wall mounted warmer
  • Light weight
  • Maximum temperature is not very high

Things to look for when buying a Towel warmer:

As a quick guide for you to refer to while choose the most suitable towel warmer for your requirement, we have created a list of things that one must bear in mind while purchasing a towel warmer.

1. Electric Vs Hydronic

These are 2 principal types of towel warmers. The electric towel warmer makes use of electricity directly to heat a film or the rails themselves by circulating current. The hydronic towel warmers make use of circulating hot water. The water intern may be heated by electricity. The efficiency of both these types is comparable. The hydronic ones need some special arrangement in the infrastructure with respect to installing the setup. Although the electric ones maybe plug-in or hard wired type, some attention is required to include them into the home circuit. Now even though the principle of operation is slightly different, since both types have no moving mechanical parts, they are pretty safe to use.

2. Mounting & Installation

The next point to consider is the type of assembly or installation needed. Broadly speaking there are 4 categories: wall-mounted, floor mounted, free-standing, and cabinet type. While the first two need some assembly or mounting, the last two are portable plug and play type devices. However, the wall and floor mounted type provide a one-time installation option if space is not a concern. Some of the new age towel warmers with rails also come with multiple options for mounting. Bear in mind the kind of floors or walls your bathroom has in case you choose the mounted towel warmers. Although they are not the most space-saving options, the free-standing and cabinet type warmers can be moved in and out of the room when required.

3. Timer & Auto shut off

If you have kids or pets, this one is definitely for you. Safety is certainly something you must look out for. Although the regular towel warmer isn’t a major threat to the safety of your home, there are some features that you can look for. Often the towel warmers come with options for scheduling and auto shut off. Simply put, the warmer reaches a certain temperature and doesn’t overheat beyond this. This ensures a safe optimum temperature even if you forget to switch it off. The timer or scheduling feature is slightly more advanced with an option to preselect the time duration you want the heating for. These two features together make the products safe for use even around kids and ensure that your fabrics are protected from damage due to excess heat.

4. Towel Storage

The last but most obvious specification you should pay attention to is the storage or size of the towel warmer. In other words, the number of towels or full-sized bathrobes or face towels it can accommodate. In the case of rail type towel warmers, the number of rails, their design, and the overall dimension of the towel warmer will give you an idea of the number of towels you can simultaneously warm on it. In the case of cabin type warmers, you will have to take a look at the volume. Smart design is the optimum of compact and spacious.


Wrapping it up, the luxury of a towel warmer is what you deserve even at your home. The first step in buying the best-suited towel warmer is to understand your requirements and priorities. Also, a good assessment of where you would like to keep it and the nature of usage is helpful in arriving at a product that is just right for you. The most important specification in our opinion is safety and efficiency. The next consideration is the effort in installing and the overall space it provides for warming. Once you’ve got these requirements sorted, the job is almost done. You can simply select one of the towel warmers from our list. With these options, you can also be sure to have a value for money purchase. We wish you always have warm toasty towels.