Brookstone Towel Warmer Review

Brookstone towel warmer review

Brookstone Towel warmer reviewIn order to make a cold day better, it’s not just enough to have a warm bath. Nobody wants to be jolted back into the cold reality while towelling them dry. Brookstone towel warmer will come to your rescue. Simply toss your dry or damp towels into the Brookstone towel warmer before your shower or bath and be treated with delightfully warm towels by the time you are done. Baby clothes, lingerie, bathrobes, face towels, therapy stones, you name it and the Brookstone towel will practically warm almost anything and everything that fits. Now a reputed brand in the towel warmer category, Brookstone is a mark of quality and performance in itself. Large enough to comfortable fit over sized towels or sheets, the space saving design of the towel warmer will ensure that you can be wrapped into a warm luxury anywhere you need it at any time.

Let’s talk design, extra attention has been given to the aesthetic appeal of the towel warmer. In addition to the functional quality, details like a built in bamboo stand makes it a perfect addition to any décor. What more, you have the ease to move it around in the house without having to ask for help from heavy machinery. At about 8 pounds, it is a pretty lightweight product for the features and volume it holds. Need to place the towel warmer in a specific place with no socket in the near vicinity? The extra long power cable will save you the trouble of extension cords and connectors. On the contrary if you need to place it right next to a socket, the cord wrap will ensure a neat and clean appearance. The heating element is made of silicone which ensures toasty towels inside and out.

brookstone towel warmer

The control panel is the next on this discussion. The panel is simple yet effective. Two buttons are provided on it. One button is a simple On/Off button whereas the other one is for the timer. This brings us to the feature that separates this towel warmer from the rest of the products of this category. Brookstone is also definitely known for taking their customer reviews seriously. The timer provides not one, not two but 4 options for timer settings. 15, 30, 45 or 60, whatever you fancy, you will get. Now this was a feature that was introduces solely based on feedback from valuable customers. Whether you like your towels warm or toasty hot, the timer will take care of your needs. The auto shut off feature will ensure that the clothes inside and you are safe.

We are guessing the last of your concerns is the power that a product so loaded with features would consume. But allow us to assure you that this product is suitable for both home and professional use. It can be connected to a regular 60Hz, 120V supply. The wattage is 480W. So to say, the kind of features that this towel warmer provides with minimal consumption of power is certainly commendable. The Brookstone towel warmer is sure to add a touch of luxury to your home or spa.

  • Aesthetically pleasing, elegant design
  • Self-timer offers 4 settings
  • Uniform heating of towels

  • Slightly on the expensive end, but worth every penny

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