Haven Towel Warmer Review

Haven™ towel warmer review

Haven™ towel warmer reviewYour search for a perfect towel warmer that can easily fit two regular sized towels ends here. The Haven towel warmer is a product designed to deliver luxury at any required time. Just imagine stepping into the shower after tossing a towel into the Haven towel warmer and being greeted with a warm, toasty, moisture free towel to wrap your body into. So, if you wondering whether the Haven towel warmer will perform as well as expected because your shower time is brief, don’t you worry.

This product is built to warm up your towels just right in about 5-10 minutes. If you have always wished your sheets were warm even before you snuggled into them, then trust me, you are not alone. Now with the Haven towel warmer, you can toss your sheets into it and be prepared to have the coziest slumber you’ve ever had. It is works excellently with clothes of infants and bathrobes. Warm your lingerie in the Haven towel warmer and ensure moisture free, clean set of lingerie, ready to be worn.

Now that we’ve already discussed the applications and how this towel warmer is here to make your life cozy, let’s talk a little about the design. The design is a simple pot, top- lid concept with a holding handle on the lid. It weighs just around 9 pounds and is compact enough to be relocated from one place to the other within your home. The lid is transparent, allowing users to keep a close eye on the contents inside. For safety of the clothes within and the user, an automatic switch on/off is inbuilt. This ensures that the temperature never reaches a high value within the pot.

We would also say that this one is an aesthetically please equipment, designed to suit any home. It is available in 4 colors which is a wide range for a product of this category. Purple, blue or beige are color options that you can choose from according to the rest of your home décor. Unlike most other towel warmers that seem to take either too long or do not heat up enough, this towel warmer seems to have passed both these tests.  In addition to the auto start/stop heating feature, two small LEDs on the lid denote the heating or ready to use status of the clothes inside the pot. Although we would like a temperature control setting, we are sure that a product of this category can probably not perform as well as this one.

The Haven towel warmer has also now quickly become a customer’s favorite, making it one of the top selling towel warmers. Just place this little guy in a corner in your bathroom and enjoy the luxury of spa like warm towels at the click of a button.

The interior of the pot is made up of stainless steel which will guarantee a long life and great performance. If you are looking for a towel warmer that is portable, energy efficient, quick, effective and with zero hassle of assembly, the Haven towel warmer is certainly a great choice.

  • Reaches a temperature of 120 Fahrenheit in about 15 minutes
  • Auto start/stop switch to ensure safe warming
  • Stainless steel interior making it durable

  • Temperature cannot be set by user

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