Best Hot Towel Warmer Cabinets

Best hot cabinet towel warmer

Do you wish to give your family, guests or perhaps yourself a royal bathroom experience? If you answered “yes” then hot towel warmer cabinets are just what you need. A great addition to your bathroom, hot towel warmer cabinets will certainly bring in the right amount of warmth in your life. To make your shopping easy, here we present a list of the best hot towel warmer cabinets of 2019. This comprehensive list is a compiled after careful review and assessment from our experts. So here it goes.

Top 7 Best hot towel warmer cabinets in 2019

Product TypeTowel Capacity(small size)Price
Elite CABICabinet24 Towels Check Price
Spa LuxeCabinet24 Towels Check Price
Spa Luxe DoubleDouble cabinet48 Towels Check Price
TOA UVCabinet with UV sterilizer10 Towels Check Price
Salon SundryCabinet24 Towels Check Price
AW 2-in-1Cabinet with UV sterilizer24 Towels Check Price
Elite MiniCabinet12 Towels Check Price

1. Elite Hot Towel CABI

Best cabinet towel warmer -elite cabiOne of the most popular among customers, the Elite Hot towel cabi plus is one of the most well designed towel warmer cabinets on this list. It is the attention to details on this one that sets it apart. The drip pan for instance, collects all the water that may drip out from the clothes. Insulated exterior walls ensure the optimum use of heat within. A cabinet separator allows you to warm up to 24 face sized towels at a time. Also it doesn’t hurt that it can achieve a temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes. But you can be care free about this one because an internal temperature control will ensure that there is no overheating and damage to your towels. All in all, it is a sleek looking towel warmer cabinet that has been the people’s choice.

  • Drip pan to hold any water drops
  • Spacious enough
  • Cabinet separator
  • Takes time to warm up

2. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

spa luxe- Best cabinet towel warmerLike the name suggests, Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet, is a luxurious addition to your professional salon or even home spa. Designed to hold up to 24 manicure sized towels, this one is highly recommended due to its customisation feature. The cabinet comes with a detachable separator which can be removed to heat larger sized towels. Just put the separator back in to be able to heat stones and towels distinctly and simultaneously. The aluminium interiors make it durable and rust resistant. This would ensure hygienic and hassle free towel warming for years. 160 degrees in just half an hour seems like a good performance. The best feature is certainly that this cabinet is silent through and through to guarantee that the spa experience is maintained.

  • Detachable separator
  • Aluminum interiors make it robust
  • Quiet while functioning
  • Takes about 30 minutes to reach optimum temperature

3. Hot Towel Cabinet – Double Towel Warmer

Hot dual Towel Cabinet- Best cabinet towel warmerIf you are looking for a best towel warmer with a large capacity, the Hot towel cabinet- Double towel warmer by Spa Luxe is the perfect choice for you. With a capacity to fit 48 manicure towels at a time, this towel warmer is the largest on this list. The interiors are well designed. The aluminium interiors make it rust proof and durable. The feature that stands out in this one is the 2 door design. Each compartment can hold up to 24 towels making it slightly more modular in nature. Just place your damp or dry towels in it and in 20 minutes it will give you toasty towels warmed up to 160 degree Fahrenheit. It is the right equipment for spa owners to take your customer service to the next level.

  • Unique two door design
  • Quick to heat up
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy aluminum interiors
  • Heavy to move around

4. TOA UV Towel Warmer

TOA UV Light Sterilizer- Best hot towel warmer cabinetNow if you wish to have a light weight, compact yet slightly high end towel warmer, the TOA UV light sterilizer is highly recommended. It is not only a compact towel warmer cabinet but also a UV sterilizer. A UV lamp within the cabinet claims a 99% killing of microorganisms, which is pretty cool in our opinion. The cabinet is just large enough to hold 10 towels. It can attain and maintain a constant temperature of 155 degree Fahrenheit. This one is ideal for baby clothes making it a popular choice for home installations.

  • Light weight
  • Germ killing UV light
  • Ideal for baby clothes
  • Highest temperature is not too high
  • Takes long to warm up

5. Salon Sundry

Salon sundry- Best hot towel warmer cabinetThe Salon sundry towel warmer cabinet is a rather good investment for your spa or salon. Specifically because of its charcoal grey exterior body which makes it look like a classy equipment. With a capacity of about 12 face towels and a separator, you can be sure to make the most of this machine. The interior temperature reaches up to 176 Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes. Leave your wet towels in this cabinet all day and you’ll have completely dry toasty towels, perfect to match the temperature of your comfort. You can also heat healing stones and clothes simultaneously.

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • High warming temperature
  • Cabinet separator available
  • Takes about 30 minutes to warm up

6. AW 2-in-1Towel Warmer

Aw 2in1 towel warmer- Best hot towel warmer cabinetThe next towel warmer on our list is also one of the most popular. Clearly the winner of many a people’s choice, the AW 2-in-1 is a towel warmer and an UV sterilizer. The unique selling point of this item is certainly the small see-through window on the door of the equipment. Watch your towels and stones getting toasty warm through this window to ensure a purely professional experience. The capacity is of about 12 face towels at a time. An inbuilt UV bulb aids in sterilizing. It is highly recommended for spas, salons and gyms. The temperature within the aluminum interior reaches a decent 158 Fahrenheit. The tray to hold dripping water is definitely a value for your money.

  • Built in UV sterilizer
  • Drip tray
  • Small see through window on the door
  • Capacity is small
  • Optimum temperature is only 158 Fahrenheit

7. Elite Mini

Elite MIni- Best hot towel warmer cabinetYour search for a compact home-friendly towel warmer cabinet ends here. The elite mini is certainly a possession that you will be proud of. This compact mini is as light as 10 pounds but can fit up to 12 face towels. The simple design and durable interior make it a long lasting item. The interior temperature reaches about 160 Fahrenheit in less than 30 minutes. A thermo-control is inbuilt and ensures that the temperature is maintained. Elite is a trusted name in the towel warmer domain and the Mini is a product you can be sure to love.

  • Light weight
  • Inbuilt temperature control
  • Robust interiors
  • It is a mini cabinet warmer and takes more time to warm up


In conclusion, the only thing you need to do is identify your requirement in particular and select one from the products above. The list covers all the noteworthy and customer friendly towel warmers. Some of the key factors to decide upon a towel warmer are the safety, versatility, capacity, and of course additional features. We hope the list is comprehensive enough for you to save effort on your selection process.

Best hot cabinet towel warmer
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